was born from a common dream shared by two individuals with a passion for creativity and design. 
Chiara and Stefania have combined their skills and knowledge to realize a new clothing brand for kids. They spent many afternoons with their children, watching them during imaginative drawing sessions and curious costume making activities. And it's just from their inspirational way to express the world around them that the girls took their cue to make this project true. Using a fil rouge that bound nostalgic and emotional taste with modern slant, they created this brand, lovingly made in Italy.

 after completing her studies in Fashion Design she worked in that industry for several years. A number of personal experiences got her closer to kids and their world which fuelled her desire to create something for children.

Stefania after a creative career that ranged from designing precious jewellery to fashion accessories, she focused her skills around her children, that fill up her life with their funny chaos, always keeping attention to small details.